7 natural ways to overcome erectile dysfunction

Do you fear what if you will get affected by erectile dysfunction? No worries, this article is to help you out with this. Well, the problem of impotence or erectile dysfunction is common in men with aging but it can be prevented with some lifestyle and habit changes.

If you say, what type of changes? You will have to make some changes to your day-to-day life that give a push to both your physical and psychological aspects of health. The problem of erectile dysfunction does not only relate to either physical health or psychological health, but it also relates to both. So, it is important to find a solution that works for both.

Let’s get started!

1. Go for exercises

Be it any physical or psychological health concern, exercising has a very positive impact on overall health. By improving your cardiovascular health, you can make it way easier to get rid of your erection problem.

Well, talking about exercises, you do not have to rely on one as there are several exercises that can be helpful in improving your cardiovascular health. Kegel exercise is one of them, by performing this exercise one can see a quick improvement in his erection. However, it is important to be regular with the exercise because causality is not going to bring any change to erectile dysfunction state.

2. Eat healthy food

Food plays a very important role in one’s life ensuring overall health. Whether be it any kind of health issue either related to the immune or the brain, healthy food intake will promise satisfying improvement.

Eating healthy does not mean in any way that you will compromise with your daily food intake routine or change it. Just adapt the healthy food along with your regular food intake as it will work as an add-on to your nutrition. Eat nutrients rich foods like fruits, dry fruits, veggies, and oatmeal can help a lot with erectile dysfunction.

3. Have a balanced weight

Obesity is one of the major reasons why one suffers from erectile dysfunction. By balancing the body weight, one can easily avoid impotence/ed. Obesity causes rigidness in blood flow that ultimately results in erection issues but on the other hand, one with ideal weight has a better blood circulation that helps to get a good erection.

Well, it is not that tough to balance your body weight as it seems to be. All you have to do is, prepare a calorie based diet that helps you lose weight all naturally.

4. Stop stressing yourself

If you do not know, stress is one of the biggest reasons why one suffers from erectile dysfunction. Poor psychological health always has a negative effect on one’s health and the same thing goes on here. The mental instability stress causes may have a poor impact on one’s sexual life as it makes one not perform well while intercourse because of merely interesting sex.

One can go for meditation as well because it is also effective in minimizing the stress. Hence, it helps to be stress-free.

5. Performance anxiety destroys

Well, sometimes a man is not either medically or psychologically affected by any sexual dysfunction but suddenly starts feeling the erection problem. This may be because of performance anxiety.

Did you know what performance anxiety is? As said by experts, it is kind of anxiety or fear that you will not be able to have satisfying sex with a partner. One can solve this issue by asking for coordination from the partner and also ensure that he does not rush too quickly at sex, let it start with foreplay and gradually stride up.

6. Stop alcohol and smoking

Had you ever thought that alcohol intake and smoking can also cause the problem of erectile dysfunction? If not yet, let us tell you that doctors have found that 80% of people having alcohol or smoking are affected by the problem of erectile dysfunction. It is better to leave such bad habits than to live a dead sexual relationship.

Why would you carry such a habit that collapse your sexual desires? It might be a little tough for anyone striving to get rid of such a habit but you will feel really god after you move on.

7. Avoid high cholesterol and blood pressure

Blood circulation plays the main role in getting one erected. If one’s bloodstream throughout the body is not good, the erection will ultimately get compromised.

As the heading suggests, high cholesterol. Well, what is it for actually?

It is very obvious to say that high cholesterol affects blood circulation. People with higher cholesterol always have poor blood circulation and opposite in the other case when one carries low cholesterol. Low cholesterol is best to prevent erectile dysfunction. One can ensure it by intaking food that contains almost none cholesterol.

And when it comes to blood pressure, high blood pressure makes it hard for one to hold the erection while intercourse. However, increased blood pressure helps in getting erected but on the other hand, this increased flow is tough for blood vessels to hold for lasting erection.


These were some tips that can actually help you prevent erectile dysfunction and enjoy a happy sexual relationship. Erectile dysfunction is not just a health concern but it is an embarrassing problem for any man. Well, with the tips shared above, one can definitely find the right solution.