Baby shower: economic ideas

Would you like to organize a ‘baby shower’ but you don’t want to spend a lot of money?
Do not worry because we give you 10 economic ideas to make your ‘baby shower’ a success without squandering. Take note of an original and very special party!

For some years, from the United States and made known by countless celebrities the so-called baby shower has become popular in our country. Do you know what it is? Have you been invited to any? Do you know what is given? We tell you!

What is a baby shower?

The baby shower is a party that is made to the future mom to celebrate the imminent birth of the baby.

Throughout the celebration, set with all kinds of elements related to birth, a snack is offered to the guests and they give gifts to parents. The term “shower” refers to the fact that the future mother receives rain or “shower” of gifts.

The best gifts for a

baby shower

If you choose to prepare a list of gifts for the baby shower, several basic products should not be forgotten, such as hygiene, clothing or accessories for the feeding of the newborn.

The number of gift proposals on the list will depend on what has already been purchased and the number of guests, since in a more intimate party it is better to prioritize the most important gifts.

In this list you can not miss diapers, taking into account the needs of the baby as the months go by. Other essential baby shower gifts are those related to the hygiene and well-being of the baby: shampoos, oil, hairbrush, protective cream, thermometer or a towel with a hood.

Among the clothes and accessories, bodies, pajamas, or t-shirts can be proposed, which are items that will be frequently stained. For food and oral care, we have bibs, nursing pad, rubber teethers or pacifiers. And for the baby’s room, you can propose the crib, sheets, a changing table or a rocking chair.

If you invite us to one of these parties, and we don’t know what to bring, these are some gift ideas for baby showers.

  • A hammock or swing is a practical gift in which the baby will be comfortable and will use a lot during its first months of life.
  • An intercom, or a baby monitor, with which parents can see and hear, at all times, what the baby is doing.
  • Bath products, or a bathtub, clothes, toys such as an activity blanket, your first stories, or a baby carrier, are other interesting gifts.
  • Although the baby is the protagonist of these celebrations, we can also choose to bring detail to the mother. A detail that you can keep forever, and if you have children’s motives, much better.

Baby shower with ultrasound

The latest fad among prospective parents in the United States to celebrate their baby’s next birth: make a baby shower … with live ultrasound included!

While, in our country, the baby shower begins to make its way, in the United States, this type of event is already very popular and, even, they have added a live ultrasound, projected on a screen, to the delight and surprise of all the guests.

The purpose of this ultrasound is not to make a diagnosis and, therefore, it has bothered the experts of the Food and Drug Administration, who do not welcome the fact that a test to reveal possible malformations in the fetus is used as a Mere fun in a baby shower.

However, there are already many agencies that, in the United States, carry out this type of events, which propose to the future parents the home eco-show.

And how much does a baby shower with ultrasound cost? From $ 100 for a simple ultrasound to $ 600 for a big party with 4D filming, which is then delivered to parents recorded on a USB.

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How to organize a baby shower

The baby shower, which can be held before or after the baby is born, allows a wide range of options when organizing it. Normally, it is a party aimed at the future mother, although there are also baby showers for parents.

If it is addressed to the mother, the decorative elements used for the party are usually feminine, with garlands, balloons, paper stars, candles … And objects that refer to birth.

At the party, a snack is offered to the guests, in which a thousand culinary proposals can be carried out: from making a healthy snack with fruit skewers to creating children’s elements with food, such as a baby in his stroller with a hard-boiled egg or some snacks with funny faces.

If your idea is to organize a baby shower but without spending a lot of money, you don’t have to buy a lot of things for the party. Just have good ideas.

Both for the preparation of the food and the decoration of the event, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money but to be creative.