‘Babymoon’, the last getaway before giving birth

The “Babymoon” or “babymoon” is the latest trend in travel arriving from the United States.


It consists of making the last couple getaway before giving birth and becoming parents. But how should this trip be? We explain it to you.

Arrived from the United States, a country where it has been practiced for years, the Babymoon is the coolest trend in a couple of travel. This is something like the last whim the couple gives before the baby is born. During the first months of pregnancy, it is very likely that both the future mother and the future father resent in relation to the love and sex life for the changes involved in the pregnancyIn order to charge batteries, rekindle the flame of passion and return romanticism in the couple,  the Americans began to make romantic getaways before the baby was born. Today, it is a common practice in the United States and the latest fashion in Spain.


More and more hotels and resorts offer services tailored to the couple: romantic dinners, relaxing treatments, yoga classes and services adapted to the pregnant woman. Specialists advise packing during the second trimester of pregnancy, as it is the time when the future mother has more energy, has passed the discomforts of the first weeks and has not yet taken so much weight to get too tired.

What destination to choose?

Many couples opt for a rest plan, appropriate to the future mom, but others prefer to make more cultural trips and trips. In fact, this choice is ideal for the more adventurous couples who like to travel to distant countries, visit museums and exhibitions or take a road trip. All these options will be tired and difficult to perform with the arrival of the baby, so it is a good idea to choose this type of trip as Babymoon.

When choosing the destination, some basic guidelines should be taken into account, such as choosing countries with medical and political security, that are not too exotic and that do not require flights that are too long or that include adventure plans. In any case, it is advisable to carry good medical insurance and the guarantee of knowing that there is a good hospital system in the area.


Some couples choose to make trips away from home, such as a road trip along the West Coast of the United States, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Others choose closer destinations, such as a drive through the beaches of northern Spain or escape to the Balearic Islands to enjoy the sun and rest for an agrotourism. Whatever the choice, the important thing is to enjoy romantic couple days, making the most of these last moments alone before the long-awaited arrival of the baby.