Being a mother at 20: too soon?

Alison Wolf, a member of the House of Lords, defends motherhood at age 20.


“Women: be mothers before and you will go further and higher.” What do you think?

Her name is Alison Wolf and she is a British woman member of the House of Lords and King’s College. In an interview with the newspaper La Vanguardia, Wolf explains that he decided to be a mother at age 20 and that this gave him a great advantage at 40 to be able to devote himself to his career. Now, also, she is a young grandmother.

As she explains, many professionals of her generation truncated their promising careers by delaying motherhood to 40 years. On the other hand, she who had already been much younger was able to dedicate herself exclusively to teaching and research years later. Now, in his classes, he insists his students plan their career well and be mothers at 20, not 40.


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Professional career or motherhood?

According to Wolf, one of the main problems of many women when it comes to finding professional success goes through the fact that they must choose between work and family because we live in a patriarchal society. Most women plan to have a family and plan how to do it. It is not that this is incompatible with professional work, but many of them indeed prioritize forming a family for their work. For that reason, a large number of professional women are looking for jobs that allow family reconciliation.

The reason why, for example, there are few female engineers? Because to be so they must prioritize the professional career; They may even have to travel far or do long working hours. For this reason, among others, there are more male engineers than women. According to Wolf, men are more willing to risk, because when they think about the future they only think of themselves.

“We are doing it wrong because in the surveys young people want to have two or three children, but in the statistics, after ten years they end up having 1.4 or 1.5. There are tremendous barriers that make paternity and motherhood difficult: to begin with, wages decrease while the price of downtown rentals increases, “Wolf explains in statements to La Vanguardia.


For this woman, who managed to be a mother and enjoy professional success, the solution is for women to advance their motherhood at 20. According to her, in this way, they can enjoy more opportunities and reach further and higher in their careers.