COVID-19 Useful Tips For All Pregnant Mothers


The officially declared pandemic, COVID-19 has become a difficult time for every individual. In this difficult time, we all need to be careful and take special precautions for hygiene. If you’re a pregnant woman, then you need to be extra careful because you are carrying another human inside your womb. Antenatal scans or early pregnancy scans are very crucial during pregnancy. Hence, you can only visit your ultrasound baby scan clinic for these necessary baby scans.

Follow these useful tips during this COVID-19 outbreak if you’re a pregnant woman:
Practice Great Hygiene



Hygiene is a must during this pandemic outbreak. We all are obliged to wash our hands frequently to avoid the transmission of Coronavirus. So, pregnant mothers should do the same and wash their hands at all times. Ensure to keep your house clean and electronics properly sanitized with disinfecting wipes. Your personal hygiene should not take a backseat during this time so follow a proper personal hygiene routine.

Maintain Proper Social Distancing
Social distancing is constantly being stressed upon because we do not have a legit cure for Coronavirus. Stay at home and maintain a 6-feet distance from other people.

Eat Well
Eating healthy should not be ignored even during this distressing COVID-19 outbreak. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, poultry, seafood, nuts, and seeds. Drink healthy smoothies and salads for snacks.

Get Good Amount of Rest
Now’s the perfect time to relax for two. In our daily 9-5 lives, we don’t get enough time to rest so make the most of it during your home quarantine. Sleeping well is an essential part of your pregnancy life because your body is getting extra pressure by carrying the weight of two individuals. Take 8-9 hours of good night sleep and consider taking afternoon siestas.



Stay Active
You can still stay active when you’re pregnant and quarantined at home. Practice yoga, light exercises, and everything that you were doing normally at home before the pandemic. Since you are pregnant, avoid over-strenuous exercises and any chores that put a lot of pressure on your belly. If you do not like doing yoga and exercises, then walk inside your house or backyard.

Take Care Of Your Mental Health
There is no denying the fact that we are living in a stressful time right now. But if you take unnecessary stress then it can have a toxic impact on your mental health which will affect your baby. For the sake of your baby’s well-being, take good care of your emotional and mental health.

Do things that you enjoy at home, have a video chat with your loved ones, read good books, play online games, watch your favorite web series, and express gratitude. If you find yourself anxious and depressed then practice meditation to have a positive mind.



Only Go Out During Emergencies

You should only go out for your emergency and fetal health check scan appointments. Whenever you go out for emergencies, wear a mask and disposable gloves. Wash your hands and change your clothes immediately after your visit to the hospital and ultrasound baby scan clinic.