Get ready for your pregnancy report!

The photographs are magical. More, if they capture one of the most beautiful moments of your life: your pregnancy. But have you stopped to think about how you want it? What clothes do you need? The place? We give you all the keys so you can have the dream pregnancy report!


On the beach, stepping on the sand, letting the waves reach your feet … Or, on the mountain, with a large green background through the trees, breathing nature and beauty. These two options are valid for the photographic report, and also of video, of your pregnancy.

The keys to pregnancy reporting

To be able to make a report of your pregnancy, you must think a few things before, so that, in this way, everything is perfect. To do this, we have compiled everything you need, so that you meditate, and your snapshots are perfect:


– The place. Surely you have a corner in your city or surroundings that you love. If you have not just seen it for your pregnancy photos, think of an idyllic, search online or ask your relatives, surely they know spectacular places. The place chosen to report your pregnancy is a key success factor.

– The time. Sunlight is essential for photography. Talk to the photographer you have chosen. The twilight light is usually very special but, depending on the place chosen, you can have other more special moments of the day.

– The temperature. If it is summer, do not stay to take your photographs at two noon, because you will end up sweating and the photos will not be to your liking. Similarly, do not go cold, do not do them very soon if it is not for a specific purpose.


– Your clothes and that of your partner. To make the report of your pregnancy, choose those garments with which you feel very comfortable and with which you stand out. Depending on the tone of your skin, you can choose tones that contrast with you and give you that light of your own.

– Makeup Choose the type of makeup with which you feel most comfortable. If you usually paint your eyes and put on mascara, go ahead. But, think that the more natural, the prettier you will look.

– Accessories. For example, if you go to the beach, do not forget about a towel, in case the photographer asks you for a photo lying down, or, if the report of your pregnancy in the field, take a hat or a pareo.


In short, when making the report of your pregnancy, you should think about everything you might need at that time and, in addition, it is advisable to talk to the photographer before, because he can give you ideas so that those photographs are perfect. And, once in the place, relax and enjoy!