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Psychology In Pregnancy

Get ready for your pregnancy report!

The photographs are magical. More, if they capture one of the most beautiful moments of your life: your pregnancy. But have you stopped to think about how you want it? What clothes do you need? The place? We give you all the keys so you can have the dream pregnancy report!

On the beach, stepping on the sand, letting the waves reach your feet … Or, on the mountain, with a large green background through the trees, breathing nature and beauty. These two options are valid for the photographic report, and also of video, of your pregnancy.

The keys to pregnancy reporting

To be able to make a report of your pregnancy, you must think a few things before, so that, in this way, everything is perfect. To do this, we have compiled everything you need, so that you meditate, and your snapshots are perfect:

– The place. Surely you have a corner in your city or surroundings that you love. If you have not just seen it for your pregnancy photos, think of an idyllic, search online or ask your relatives, surely they know spectacular places. The place chosen to report your pregnancy is a key success factor.

– The time. Sunlight is essential for photography. Talk to the photographer you have chosen. The twilight light is usually very special but, depending on the place chosen, you can have other more special moments of the day.

– The temperature. If it is summer, do not stay to take your photographs at two noon, because you will end up sweating and the photos will not be to your liking. Similarly, do not go cold, do not do them very soon if it is not for a specific purpose.

– Your clothes and that of your partner. To make the report of your pregnancy, choose those garments with which you feel very comfortable and with which you stand out. Depending on the tone of your skin, you can choose tones that contrast with you and give you that light of your own.

– Makeup Choose the type of makeup with which you feel most comfortable. If you usually paint your eyes and put on mascara, go ahead. But, think that the more natural, the prettier you will look.

– Accessories. For example, if you go to the beach, do not forget about a towel, in case the photographer asks you for a photo lying down, or, if the report of your pregnancy in the field, take a hat or a pareo.

In short, when making the report of your pregnancy, you should think about everything you might need at that time and, in addition, it is advisable to talk to the photographer before, because he can give you ideas so that those photographs are perfect. And, once in the place, relax and enjoy!

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Psychology In Pregnancy

The link with the baby since pregnancy

Photo: pexels

Would you like to know how to communicate in a balanced way with your desired baby, from the first weeks of gestation?

This is explained by the “coach” expert in couples and family, Raquel de Diego.

From conception in pregnancy, not only a living space is shared in the same body: the vibrations of your body, your diet, and your emotional state will also be an important part in the development of your pregnancy.

Start of life

When we measure the life of a person, we take as reference the day of his birth. However, we exist as an independent being from the moment of conception. Therefore, it is important to take into account the emotional needs of the mother and the baby, since the woman becomes pregnant. Several studies confirm the importance of the emotional state of the pregnant woman for the health of the fetus.

After 13 weeks, the future baby perceives the vibrations, and gurgling of his mother’s womb, as first sounds. And both your heartbeat and your mother’s beats will be your companions during the time you spend in the womb. The future baby listens to conversations and music from outside, with distorted sound, but more easily in the bass notes of the music and the consonants of the words.

During the last trimester, the fetus should prepare for life outside the uterus and perceive pain. As of week 26, he spends most of his time sleeping and, the remaining time remains alert to any external noise, or any threatening stimulus (showing the protective reflex, stretching and pulling his arms and legs apart).

Emotional influence

The mother’s heart rate and blood pressure are directly related to her emotional state. If you are tense and stressed, the heart will increase your heartbeat and blood pressure will rise. Although the baby has its bloodstream, blood pressure quickly passes through the placenta and will affect the baby. The physiological effects of stress cross the placenta and, when the mother has calmed her heart rate, the baby’s will increase.

This symbiosis between the emotional state of the mother and her baby from the womb already suggests how to take care of the baby’s emotional health before birth, from the mother’s emotional care. You must ensure that this emotional state is as balanced as possible and avoid worrying excessively.

How to take care of emotions?

It would be healthy to relax , do activities that make the future mom feel good, surround herself with people who, likewise, convey affection and safety and, taking advantage that perhaps the ear is the most developed sense of the fetus, accompanying good communication are sounds, songs, music and all the messages you can think of.

Emotions, and even the thoughts of a mother, directly affect the “configuration” of the mind. It is important, at the same time, to take care of relationships with others, especially with the couple, since the communication style used daily with the couple, or with people within a special bond, will easily be a reflection of how communication can occur when facing upbringing.

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Psychology In Pregnancy

Do you know Couvade syndrome? When the future dad feels “pregnant”

The future dad may experience the same symptoms as the woman during pregnancy.

It is the so-called ‘Couvade syndrome’. It is completely involuntary and vanishes once the mother has already given birth. Do you want to know more?

If the future dad of the creature complains of back pain, dizziness, nausea or cramps, and the woman is pregnant … Quiet, she is not lying or has a crisis of victimhood; You are experiencing Couvade syndrome.

Almost 10% of men experience it and, if the pregnancy is twin or carries some risk, this figure can increase to 65%.

What is Couvade Syndrome?

By living pregnancy so closely, the man mimics the disorders of pregnancy and his body reproduces them completely involuntarily.

When the mother gives birth, as it happens to her, these symptoms also disappear for the father.

Also, once the baby is born, it is normal for the man to experience jealousy and periods of stress before the radical change of routines and with his partner.

The mother, in turn, is dedicated in body and soul to the baby, so that the father, most of the time, is relegated to the background.

Causes of Couvade Syndrome

It is unknown what exactly causes this reaction in the body of man, although some clues are known. The most important explains that hormonal changes in women can directly affect men.

And it is not a purely psychological issue, it has been discovered that man experiences changes in his testosterone levels during this period, as well as an increase in prolactin levels, responsible for milk production.

Stress, anxiety, unwanted pregnancy or jealousy can cause the future dad to experience these disorders, as a way to express his concern and concern about the arrival of the newborn.

However, the cause does not always have to be negative. Some parents are so involved in pregnancy that they develop great empathy with the mother and may even feel guilty for having made her pregnant.

Normally, Couvade syndrome occurs in first-time parents, especially after the second trimester of a woman’s pregnancy.

It usually occurs in especially affectionate couples, since the father internalizes his responsibility very long in advance. Moreover, when the baby is born, they turn to their care to the fullest and have a very active role in raising and caring for it.

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Psychology In Pregnancy

Being a mother at 20: too soon?

Alison Wolf, a member of the House of Lords, defends motherhood at age 20.

“Women: be mothers before and you will go further and higher.” What do you think?

Her name is Alison Wolf and she is a British woman member of the House of Lords and King’s College. In an interview with the newspaper La Vanguardia, Wolf explains that he decided to be a mother at age 20 and that this gave him a great advantage at 40 to be able to devote himself to his career. Now, also, she is a young grandmother.

As she explains, many professionals of her generation truncated their promising careers by delaying motherhood to 40 years. On the other hand, she who had already been much younger was able to dedicate herself exclusively to teaching and research years later. Now, in his classes, he insists his students plan their career well and be mothers at 20, not 40.

(You are interested: Being a young mother: why not? )

Professional career or motherhood?

According to Wolf, one of the main problems of many women when it comes to finding professional success goes through the fact that they must choose between work and family because we live in a patriarchal society. Most women plan to have a family and plan how to do it. It is not that this is incompatible with professional work, but many of them indeed prioritize forming a family for their work. For that reason, a large number of professional women are looking for jobs that allow family reconciliation.

The reason why, for example, there are few female engineers? Because to be so they must prioritize the professional career; They may even have to travel far or do long working hours. For this reason, among others, there are more male engineers than women. According to Wolf, men are more willing to risk, because when they think about the future they only think of themselves.

“We are doing it wrong because in the surveys young people want to have two or three children, but in the statistics, after ten years they end up having 1.4 or 1.5. There are tremendous barriers that make paternity and motherhood difficult: to begin with, wages decrease while the price of downtown rentals increases, “Wolf explains in statements to La Vanguardia.

For this woman, who managed to be a mother and enjoy professional success, the solution is for women to advance their motherhood at 20. According to her, in this way, they can enjoy more opportunities and reach further and higher in their careers.

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