Maternity girdle: when to use it?

As the belly grows, many future mothers begin to feel severe pain in the lower back and back.

In these cases, it may be necessary to use a maternity girdle. But what exactly is it and when should it be used?

Not all pregnant women have the same type of abdomen growth during the gestation period, nor do they all show the same symptoms. However, it is a very common fact that, as the belly of the future mother grows, the woman begins to feel severe pain in the lower back and back, since the pressure that the baby’s weight exerts on the area It can become very strong. To solve this type of pain, many experts recommend the use of maternity girdle.

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Maternity girdles are like tight and tall panties, covering the entire stomach, and incorporating a band that holds the belly at the bottom. Its main function is to provide support to the belly of the future mother, to lighten the weight that presses the lower back. However, experts mention a series of considerations that must be taken into account when using the maternity belt.

When is the use of maternity belts recommended?

According to experts, the maternity bands replace the work that the muscles should do, which, in the long run, could be counterproductive, since the abdominal muscles stop working what they should and end up atrophying, in addition to postpartum recovery would be slower. Therefore, before buying a belt, it is important to assess with an expert the use and type of it.

It is recommended to use it when specialized doctors or midwives have detected any alteration that the belt can correct. In this case, however, the maternity belt could be used but under optional control. If the future mother decides to use it because, due to the weight of the belly, she feels very uncomfortable, it would be necessary to take it a certain time a day, previously indicated by an expert.

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Without a doubt, the best way to preserve strong abdominal muscles during pregnancy is to let the muscles do their main function: work day and night so that the organs stay in place as the womb and belly grow. But this does not mean that, if extreme pain is felt, the belt cannot be used to hold the belly, especially during the last stages of the gestation process.

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To fortify the muscles, health professionals usually recommend physical exercise during the 9 months of pregnancy, and not only for the health of the mother but also for that of the baby. Under medical control, swimming, for example, is one of the most complete sports, since it tones the muscles, corrects the position of the spine, improves circulation and promotes breathing.

Have you ever used a maternity girdle? What was your experience with this type of panty? Tell us why you decided to use it!