The father in pregnancy: help him overcome his fears

With pregnancy, most men believe they are not up to their new responsibility.


We give you the keys to help new parents to overcome their fears.

Today’s men are much more aware of their double roles as partners and fathers. However, this adaptation work is not easy. These five points offer you the keys to your fears about fatherhood.

• Dad feels lucky, although he fears to go to the background with the arrival of the baby. What can you do in this situation? The future father will feel as important as before if he shares with you the anxieties of pregnancy and the care of the baby.

• Many wonders: “Will I be a good father?” There is, however, no right or wrong way to be parents. Therefore, it is not necessary to worry.


• Fatherhood always implies hard work, a lot of responsibility, and a considerable amount of time, which will be rewarded with great joy and satisfaction.

• The future dad must face the mood swings of the couple, so frequent in some pregnant women. It is best to read a lot about the subject, to discover what will happen in advance.

• A kind of suspicion towards his wife wakes up in some parents. Being “pregnant” is something he can never experience.

• The father feels responsible for his partner and the child that grows in his breast and that creates some anxiety.