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Healthy Pregnancy

Weight loss after pregnancy: Reclaiming your body

Women all want to have a slim and good figure, postpartum mothers are no exception, especially those who are out of shape. Postpartum new mothers want to lose weight to restore the body, but postpartum weight loss also needs to distinguish time, otherwise is not good for their children. Let’s take a look at the most suitable time for new mothers to lose body fat.

Not suitable to lose weight during the confinement

After childbirth, women are in the weakest state and need to fully recover. At the same time, they need frequent breastfeeding and hard parenting during the month, which consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, in any case, they should not try to lose weight and recover their body shape in any form during the month, which will seriously harm the body. However, it should also be noted that you can not enjoy too many high fat and high sugar high-calorie tonics during the month, which will also increase the burden of in the future.

2 months of postpartum

After 2 months of delivery and recovery of the body, even breastfeeding you can start to gradually reduce fat, increase the amount of exercise, reduce a certain amount of food, and improve the diet structure. However, breastfeeding women should pay attention to ensure a certain amount of nutrition, as long as they do not eat too high-calorie food.

4 months of postpartum

Women who do not need breastfeeding can lose weight as before after 4 months of postpartum, but for mothers who are still breast-feeding, during the period of breastfeeding, they are still only suitable for the control mode after 2 months of postpartum: moderate reduction of food consumption and moderate increase of exercise. It is suggested that the new mommy can use the strong binding abdominal products in the abdomen during the daytime. With the strong tightening force, the new mommy can stick to the abdominal wall, eliminate the fat accumulated in the lower abdomen, and help the rectus abdominis and left and right pelvis to return to their original state.

6 months of postpartum

Six months postpartum is the golden period of weight control. If the weight can be restored to the before pregnancy within six months postpartum, the average weight will increase by 2.4 kg after 8-10 years; if it cannot be reduced after 8-10 years, the average weight will increase by 8.3 kg. It can be seen that postpartum 6 months is not only the golden period of weight control but also affects the quality of life of the puerpera in the future.

Postpartum fat loss is not achieved overnight, it needs a period of time to lose fat slowly, but not quickly. Excessive weight loss can affect menstruation and indirectly feeding babies. Moms must think about their bodies and take their time. According to each weight loss time period, arrange the time reasonably, hope each mother can lose weight successfully.

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Healthy Pregnancy

Kidney Stones in Pregnancy: Symptoms & Treatment

Kidney stones during pregnancy can cause more pain than the pain of childbirth. You become more careful in pregnancy as it becomes a life-threatening situation if you get to know about stones in your kidneys when you are expecting. In such a situation you will be flooded with thoughts of how not hurt the baby and get them removed forever. In this blog, we will tell you about why Ayurvedic Treatment is a preferable treatment during pregnancy.

What are kidney stones?

Kidney stones are the solidated forms of accumulated calcium and uric acid. Another reason why these stones are formed is the solid forms of accumulated salts and minerals in kidneys.

These stones obstruct the passing of urine from kidneys to bladder and then bladder to the urethra.

The accumulated urine travel in the renal system that creates a lot of different problems in the renal system; such as kidney diseases, kidney and urinary tract infections, inflammation, damaged organs of renal systems and kidney stones.

Kidney stones are different in size; they can be small as a size of mustard seed and can take an entire space present in the kidneys.

Why is it harmful to the woman who has conceived?

Though kidney stones are equally harmful to everyone it is riskier for a pregnant woman is because this problem can become one of the reasons for miscarriage.

What are the causes of kidney stones during pregnancy?

Overconsumption of calcium
Urine retention
Family inheritance
Increase in the level of uric acid
Frequent infections in the renal system
Dehydration: When the amount of water consumed in a day drops low, minerals in the body like phosphorus, sodium, and potassium increase and result in the formation of kidney stones.

During pregnancy: the consumption of water increases and drinking fewer fluids will cause dehydration. Henceforth, there would be more chances of getting under the risk of kidney stones.

Overconsumption of calcium: Supplements and food products are given to a pregnant woman, one such supplement is calcium. But when you consume them in excess, kidneys couldn’t filter them because of the pressure they are put into.

So, if it doesn’t get removed from the body, it will help in the stone formation.

Urine Retention: It is advised that you should not keep urine in your bladder even for a minute during pregnancy. Not only because it will move into the womb but also it will get collected in kidneys that can form crystals at the onset and then stones.

Family inheritance: Sometimes, your diseases are inherited from your biological parents or from your family members. If your family had a history of having hypercalciuria or a problem of kidney stones, then there are high chances that you will get caught by the same disorder one for yourself.

Increase in the level of uric acid: During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes. There are chances that you may or may not have an increased pace of filtration. Increased rate of filtration can increase the level of uric acid in urine that can be a cause of kidney stones.

Frequent infections in renal systems: Frequent infections in the renal system; urinary tract infections and kidney infections are major causes that help in the formation of kidney stones.

What are the ways to diagnose kidney stones while the woman is expecting?

Some complications are expected in pregnancy that may include pain and multiple symptoms that can be misunderstood by the woman who is expecting. But when you are suffering from kidney pain, the following symptoms can be seen:

Pain in the back: It is normal to have back pain during pregnancy. But it is needed to understand that back pain and kidney pain are two different pains and relate to different categories. Back pain can be felt like a pain in the muscles but kidney pain can be felt more deeply and sour pain in the kidneys. Sometimes it is interpreted as back pain as the body shape starts to change in pregnancy and the organs inside the body start to shift and give space to the womb, to let the baby/fetus grow.

Painful urination: This symptom is also gets confused with the normal pain that occurs during pregnancy. But it is also needed to make sure that the pain while urinating is happening because of the kidney stone or not.

Blood in urine: Stones in the kidneys move and damage the tissues and cells of kidneys. This situation may lead to the loss of blood in kidneys which passes into the bladder along with urine.

What is the Ayurvedic treatment for Kidney stones in the expectation period?

Ayurvedic Treatment: Ayurvedic treatment is based on natural methods and home remedies. This should be the priority of the woman who is expecting to treat the ailment. It doesn’t require any chemically made medicines that will harm your baby and types of equipment that can leave infection-causing bacteria behind.

Following are the home remedies available in the Ayurvedic treatment:

Drink at least 8 ounces of water throughout the day.
Consume fresh fruits like blueberry, peaches and red grapes.
Avoid the consumption of pre-packed foods and beverages.
Drink fresh juices and beverages.
Drink lemonade and include fresh lemon juice to your salads.
Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid that is a proven source to dissolve kidney stones.
Basil juice helps in breaking down kidney stones, as it contains the acetic acid that helps in curing kidney stones.

What’s the average percentage of kidney stones falling during pregnancy?

This disorder is rare in pregnant women only 10 to 15 women caught with kidney stones during pregnancy in 1,500 to 3,000 pregnant women.

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Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy Breakfast Choices During Pregnancy

Photo by Vincent Rivaud from Pexels
Photo by Vincent Rivaud from Pexels

Whether you wake up with nausea or cravings, a healthy breakfast is very important if you are pregnant. These easy-to-use and largely pre-cooked breakfast options are filled with essential nutrients to keep you healthy, support your baby’s growth and start the day as best as possible. Pregnancy Breakfast ideas can lead you on the means of recouping nutrition.

Breakfast with salmon and cream

salmon isn’t a decent selection for pregnant girls attributable to the chance of listeria meningitis. But that’s not a reason to miss omega-3 fatty acids in salmon. These healthy fats are important for the development of your brain! Choose a spread of baked fish and luxuriate in them with cheese in your favorite bun. Look for mini-bagels that are actually much closer to the size of the good portion than the huge coffee variant. If you can find a variety of whole grains, you will receive another nutritional bonus for you and your baby.

Breakfast with apples

Are your morning’s crazy? It’s still not Associate in Nursing excuse to skip breakfast, especially with this simple option. Prepare this oatmeal the day before and enjoy by preparing your meals or parking at your desk. Just mix 1/2 cup of oatmeal with 1/2 cup of milk in a mason jar, sprinkle with a tablespoon of chopped walnuts and rub in the middle of an apple. Shake and let stand long within the icebox, and ready: Breakfast is served!

Breakfast smoothie

How about a glass of superfoods in the morning? This shake is full of vitamin C that comes from fruits and supermolecule metallic element come back from the food. And you probably know how important it is to have enough folic acid in during the. So to properly organize the need quantity of B you’ve got to follow maternity breakfast ideas. Leafy vegetables such as spinach will serve the purpose. Chia seeds are an important plant source of omega-3s; the beneficial fatty acids that scientists believe are needed. to make this super loaded smoothie combines one two cup almond milk 1 2 cup food, a kiwi, a handful of spinach and a tablespoon of chia seeds.

Egg, cheese breakfast

If you’re having trouble getting enough vegetables during the day, try starting the day with a full serving. This burrito is also a source of protein. Eggs, beans, and cheese help you get the extra 25 grams of protein you need now. To prepare, sprinkle two scrambled eggs, two tablespoons boiled beans (canned), two tablespoons grated shredded cheese, such as cheddar cheese, and a medium-sized tomato cut into a tortilla. Season with salt and pepper and roll, fold up and down.

Breakfast with eggs and avocado

Start the day with a useful dose of chorine from eggs, a superstar nutrient for expectant moms. it helps to enhance the operate of your brain thus you’ll always remember breakfast once more and discusses the development of your baby’s brain, especially during the last trimester. And your belly will thank you for the fiber of all toasts and avocados.

Boiled egg and avocado with toast

Start the day with a useful dose of choline from eggs, a superstar nutrient for expectant moms. Recent research shows: In the morning we can’t get required nutrition, so get in the breakfast an egg yolk contains about a quarter of the hill you need each day. it helps to enhance the operate of your brain thus you’ll always remember breakfast once more and discusses the development of your baby’s brain, especially during the last trimester. And your belly will thank you for the fiber of all toasts and avocados.

Weight Gain Breakfast for Mom

During pregnancy you and your baby’s need more calories, that’s mean pregnant women need to gain weight. Most new mothers need to thin, but breastfeeding mothers may have difficulty keeping their weight. During breastfeeding, your energy demand is even over throughout gestation thanks to burns and a great deal of calories. If you are breastfeeding and want to gain weight or gain weight, make sure you have enough food to meet your baby’s needs. Ideal maternity breakfast ideas can increase your weight level speedily.

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Healthy Pregnancy

A Healthy Pregnanacy for Women with Diabetes

Diabetic Have a Healthy Pregnancy
Photo: pexels

It was not that many years ago that diabetic woman was not encouraged to get pregnant. At that time, it was felt that diabetic pregnancies had too many risks. The good thing is that with the right care many of these dangers can be lessened or even eliminated. So now you are pregnant!

What is the first thing you should do? Get your health care team organized.

This team should include all of the health care professionals that you will need throughout your pregnancy. They will monitor both you and your baby, helping to forestall any complications that should arise. If some should occur, they will be in a position to take appropriate action. Don’t forget to include family members in this team. as well as the support of the professionals.

Your support team will develop a good action plan that will include some very basic steps. No matter how good this plan is, it will of be no value if you don’t follow it. Having a baby when you are diabetic requires a high level of commitment, there is little room for complacency. How well your pregnancy turns out, will depend on how well you follow these directions.

Keeping your blood sugar levels in control is the primary goal all through your pregnancy.

Maintaining good control is the key to a successful diabetic pregnancy. By doing this you will avoid many of the complications that could occur to you and your baby.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), one of the complications of high blood sugar levels is that the baby may grow too large for the mother to have a normal delivery. Sugar levels that are too low or constantly swing between high and low levels can cause seizures. These are just two complications that can develop if you do not control your blood sugar levels.

Today, there has been much research done on diabetes.

Due to these medical advances, diabetics can have safe, healthy pregnancies. Having said that, a diabetic pregnancy is still considered a high-risk pregnancy. So remember, if you are diabetic and pregnant, it is your responsibility to take the necessary steps that will ensure that you will have a healthy, safe pregnancy.

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