Weight loss after pregnancy: Reclaiming your body

Women all want to have a slim and good figure, postpartum mothers are no exception, especially those who are out of shape. Postpartum new mothers want to lose weight to restore the body, but postpartum weight loss also needs to distinguish time, otherwise is not good for their children. Let’s take a look at the most suitable time for new mothers to lose body fat.

Not suitable to lose weight during the confinement

After childbirth, women are in the weakest state and need to fully recover. At the same time, they need frequent breastfeeding and hard parenting during the month, which consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, in any case, they should not try to lose weight and recover their body shape in any form during the month, which will seriously harm the body. However, it should also be noted that you can not enjoy too many high fat and high sugar high-calorie tonics during the month, which will also increase the burden of in the future.

2 months of postpartum

After 2 months of delivery and recovery of the body, even breastfeeding you can start to gradually reduce fat, increase the amount of exercise, reduce a certain amount of food, and improve the diet structure. However, breastfeeding women should pay attention to ensure a certain amount of nutrition, as long as they do not eat too high-calorie food.

4 months of postpartum

Women who do not need breastfeeding can lose weight as before after 4 months of postpartum, but for mothers who are still breast-feeding, during the period of breastfeeding, they are still only suitable for the control mode after 2 months of postpartum: moderate reduction of food consumption and moderate increase of exercise. It is suggested that the new mommy can use the strong binding abdominal products in the abdomen during the daytime. With the strong tightening force, the new mommy can stick to the abdominal wall, eliminate the fat accumulated in the lower abdomen, and help the rectus abdominis and left and right pelvis to return to their original state.

6 months of postpartum

Six months postpartum is the golden period of weight control. If the weight can be restored to the before pregnancy within six months postpartum, the average weight will increase by 2.4 kg after 8-10 years; if it cannot be reduced after 8-10 years, the average weight will increase by 8.3 kg. It can be seen that postpartum 6 months is not only the golden period of weight control but also affects the quality of life of the puerpera in the future.

Postpartum fat loss is not achieved overnight, it needs a period of time to lose fat slowly, but not quickly. Excessive weight loss can affect menstruation and indirectly feeding babies. Moms must think about their bodies and take their time. According to each weight loss time period, arrange the time reasonably, hope each mother can lose weight successfully.