What is the best pregnancy test?

The pregnancy test should be safe and reliable, but what is the best pregnancy test?


There are different types, with basic or more comprehensive information. We explain it to you and we detail the main brands that you can find in the market.

The pregnancy test is the method used to analyze the presence of hormones in the urine and thus know if you are pregnant. 

It is very practical and used by most women when they suspect they may be waiting for a baby. Pregnancy tests can be purchased at any pharmacy and are shaped like a rod, with an appearance very similar to that of a thermometer. 

But how does the test detect that you are pregnant? In a very simple way: the objective of this method is to look for the presence of the hCG hormone or human chorionic gonadotropin, which is found only in the body of pregnant women since it is related to the formation of the placenta. This hormone can be easily detected in the urine, especially in the first urine of the day, in which its highest concentration accumulates. So, if you take the test and it is positive, you have the hCG hormone in your urine and therefore you are pregnant. If it is negative, you are not.

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How many types of pregnancy tests are there?

If you suspect that you may have become pregnant, there are two ways to find out: through a blood test or the urine test mentioned above. Urinalysis is the most used since any of us can do it comfortably at home, quietly and with maximum privacy. Instead, for the blood test, it is necessary to see a doctor.

Within the urine tests, there are two subgroups: those that confirm whether you are pregnant or not and those that, also, in case of a positive result, specify how many weeks you are. Both tests follow the same procedure, but the last ones, being more precise and giving more information, are more expensive. Depending on the brand and the type of test in question, prices range between € 7 and € 15.

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What is the best pregnancy test: the brands

Pregnancy tests that analyze urine can be purchased at any pharmacy, without a leaflet and are usually sold individually. There are several brands of pregnancy test and it is difficult to specify which is the best, since it will depend on the needs of each woman and what information she intends to obtain with the test: if it is enough to simply know if she is pregnant or if she wants to specify how many weeks, etc. Next, we detail the main pregnancy test markers that you can find in the market. 


It detects pregnancy up to six days before the first lack of the period and offers an unequivocal result, with an accuracy of more than 76%, if the level of hCG present in the urine is equal to or greater than 10ml and greater than 99% if performed from the day the rule is expected. Easy to use, there is currently the digital version of the product, with a visible result in three minutes of waiting.


Ergonomically designed and easy to use, it can be done from the estimated start date of the period. This pregnancy test is very hygienic since it has a long and curved handle and has a wide tip so that urine samples are easy to collect. Also, change color from white to pink to indicate that the sample has been taken correctly. This test allows the test to be performed up to five days before the absence of the rule occurs and offers the results in a minute with positive (+) or negative (-) signs.


A quick and simple test that can be used at any time of the day, with great reliability. Its result is certain even from the first day of the lack of menstruation. It contains a very detailed leaflet.


Ergonomically designed and very intuitive to use, it incorporates the latest technological advances to detect the hCG hormone in a simple step from the first day of delay of the period. It has reliability greater than 99%.

Sensitize strips

Safe and somewhat cheaper pregnancy test. This is a high sensitivity test that allows you to read the test result from four days before the date scheduled for the start of the period. The results are obtained in five minutes.