What is the nest syndrome in moms?

Often, when a pregnant woman is about to give birth, she starts to get nervous thinking about everything she has to do before the baby arrives: prepare her room, place the child’s things, clean the house thoroughly, etc.

This is called ‘nest syndrome’. We explain what it is!

The nesting syndrome, also known as ‘nesting instinct’, consists of a state of hyperactivity, which occurs in the last weeks of pregnancy and is very common, especially in first-time mothers. These mothers do all kinds of work at home, which they had never done before so that when the baby arrives, everything is ‘prepared’. For example, cleaning ceilings, polishing floors, sorting cabinets in a different way or painting rooms of other colors.

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As its name indicates, the ‘nest syndrome’ is a similarity to the animal instinct of birds to prepare a nest before laying eggs and brooding their young. It is an uncontrollable feeling of arranging everything perfectly so that the new family member is comfortable.

How do I know if I have nest syndrome?

The nesting syndrome usually occurs during the last trimester of pregnancy, when the belly has already grown a lot, hence moms should be very careful when performing tasks that require sudden movements, lifting heavy objects or climbing stairs to reach high areas

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Pregnant women who feel the nest syndrome usually respond affirmatively to these points:

  • They need to have everything tidy, although before they got pregnant they weren’t so tidy.
  • They decide to change the colors of the room in which the baby will be.
  • They order the baby’s room well in advance.
  • Sometimes, they cannot sleep thinking they have forgotten to do something important.
  • They clean the closets thoroughly and arrange the clothes very neatly.

Mothers must know that if doing all this leaves you calmer, you can do it normally, but it is never good to become obsessed. Ideally, prioritize what is important and ask for help with housework to avoid overstressing. On the other hand, the last weeks of pregnancy must be dedicated, mainly, to take care of yourself and prepare for childbirth.

If you have the nest syndrome, you should get carried away naturally, using instinct, but trying to channel that hyperactivity to not end up exhausted.

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Have you had or do you have nest syndrome? How did you prepare your baby’s nest? Explain to other moms how you lived it!