When the first symptoms of pregnancy appear

Do you doubt if you are pregnant?

Do you notice any changes in your body and are not sure if they are due to a pregnancy? We explain when the first symptoms of pregnancy appear and which are the most common. Get out of doubt!

If you are looking for pregnancy or think you may have become pregnant, you may be wondering from when you can begin to notice the first symptoms of pregnancy. Each woman is different and the signs of pregnancy are different in each of them. You have already decided that you are at the ideal age of the pregnancy, you have become pregnant and … do you already notice the first symptoms? While some future moms say they have begun to notice the first symptoms within a few weeks of pregnancy, others take longer. On the other hand, some of the symptoms of pregnancy are not exclusive to pregnancy. For example, swelling may be a symptom of pregnancy but it can also be a symptom of ovulation.

The most common is that the first symptoms of pregnancy appear when at least 12 days have passed since conception; which would be equivalent to about two weeks after having sex. Some women believe that they begin to notice the first symptoms of pregnancy from the first day of conception, but that is rare and usually take longer to appear. Attention: if you had a baby relatively recently and you are still breastfeeding, you should know that you can also get pregnant if you do not use the appropriate contraceptives.

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When the first symptoms of pregnancy begin to be noticed

It is not the most common, but some women begin to notice the first symptoms of pregnancy already in the first week of pregnancy. Others notice them from the second or third week and, on the other hand, some do not undergo any change until the first month of pregnancy. And is that every woman is a world, so if you are looking for pregnancy and do not notice any symptoms, do not be alarmed. You may be pregnant equally.

The best thing, to get out of doubt, is, first and if you are regular with the menstrual cycle, wait to see if your period comes when you play. Normally, the first thing that indicates pregnancy is the absence of menstruation. But to be sure if you are pregnant or not, it is advisable to have a pregnancy test. If it is done at the right time, it is the most reliable test to know if you are waiting for a baby.

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What are the earliest symptoms of pregnancy

Although not usually happens to many women, some experience mild vaginal bleeding approximately 10 days after having sex. This bleeding, pink or light brown, usually disappears in a couple or three days and, although it can be confused with menstruation, is called implantation bleeding, which occurs as a result of implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus. This could be the first symptom of pregnancy in some women.

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On a physical level, one of the most frequent symptoms of pregnancy is the increase in breast tenderness, with changes in the areolas surrounding the nipples and progressive enlargement of the breasts. Another symptom that usually occurs during the first weeks of pregnancy is the increase in resting body temperature and the appearance of fatigue that causes a feeling of not having slept enough.

Other symptoms of pregnancy, such as the sharpening of the sense of smell, nausea or dizziness, usually appear at the end of the first month of pregnancy, although in some women they get ahead.